About Us

Our Short Story 

The YSN® initiative was born in our founders early Strength & Conditioning & Nutrition career within Professional Academy teams in the English Premier League.

Academy athlete’s parents were struggling to ensure their sons, daughters were getting adequate nutrition for their individual levels of exertion weekly, and only had off the shelf supplement choices designed for adults to help them with, which may contain elements or ingredients that are not tested or beneficial for youths in high level sport.

This along with marketing & mass media representations of overly muscular physiques or very skinny female models posed a huge problem for adolescent athletes, parents and sport academies.

This is problem is compounded by the fact youth athletes have a tendency to not enjoy the taste of vegetables which contain critical nutrients to support their hyperactive lifestyles, in favour of readily available, cheap sugary foods which offer little to no benefit.

So, we decided to solve this problem responsibly, by identifying the unique needs of adolescent athletes and working backwards to design a food supplement range suitable, safe and relevant for todays academy athletes. 


What We Did

By partnering with leading nutrition scientists, collating University research and UK, EU health commission input, we developed the worlds first and only supplement range exclusive to developing adolescent athletes.

All of our products are manufactured in the UK utilising the highest caliber ingredients and comply with WADA regulations validated by LGC Informed Sport.


Mission Statement

‘We serve prospective athletes, sporting academies, coaches and parents by providing a safe, scientifically based all in one supplement that supports the growth, development and maintenance of adolescents competing at professional level.

We aim to educate and raise awareness for parents, individuals and coaches around correct nutrition for adolescent athletes, ensuring we are supporting the demands of competing at elite level whilst encouraging increased participation.

We actively present peer read, reviewed published literature and continually fund, invest and endorse further research into the nutritional demand of the modern day adolescent athlete to ensure we have the highest caliber products available on the market by investing in the continual testing, validation and improvement via independent scientific partners.

Our commitment to customers is reflected by a transparent, responsible and honest product suitable and safe for consumption. We will never endorse and actively condone the use of performance enhancing substances and ergogenic aids to ensure trust and recognition in the brand and all associated products to provide a natural blend of essential nutrients to promote peak physical development in conjunction with the correct applied strength and conditioning application, respective to age groups, sport and gender.’

Our products and brand hold the position that the competitive adolescent athlete’s nutritional needs should be met by core foods rather than supplements so that promoting dietary supplements does not over-emphasise their ability to manipulate performance in comparison with other training and dietary strategies.

We are conscious of our commercial responsibility and as such do not promote overly lean or muscular physiques but rather encourage the correct application of strength conditioning and training in conjunction with correct dietary foods. 

We do not promote the use of any of our products as a meal replacements and encourage our range to be utilised safely and responsibly in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet under the direct supervision of parents/guardians, qualified sport coaches/nutritionists and professional sporting affiliates.

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