Enjoy this Vitamin C boost in under 30 seconds!
STEP 1 - Peel one medium sized Orange, separate segments and remove pips
Chocolate Orange Smoothie
STEP 2 -  Add 3 cubes of ice to your blender cup
Chocolate Orange Smoothie
STEP 3  - Pour 400ml of milk or water into your blending cup
Chocolate Orange Smoothie
PRO TIP -  If you like a thinner consistency, add more liquid. If you like a thicker consistency add less liquid.
STEP 4 - Add the Orange segments into the liquid 
Chocolate Orange Smoothie
STEP 5 - Add your serving size of Chocolate PRO-TEEN® to the liquid
Chocolate Orange Smoothie
STEP 6 - Screw lid on tightly, and blend for 10 seconds
Chocolate Orange Smoothie
STEP 7 - Pour smoothie into your YSN Zen Shaker
Chocolate Orange Smoothie
STEP 8 - Enjoy within the next 10 mins to prevent the smoothie settling
Chocolate Orange Smoothie
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